Project Overview

Project Location Map

What is planned for this project?

Hwy 23 construction will begin in the spring 2023 and conclude in the fall of 2024.

Project Timeline

This Work Includes:

  • Reconstruct Highway 23 from New London to Paynesville
  • Convert two-lane highway into four-lane divided highway
  • Improved intersections
  • Adding frontage roads
  • Installation of a pedestrian underpass


The Hwy 23 South Gap project will expand Hwy 23 from a two-lane undivided highway to a four-lane divided highway from New London to Paynesville. Benefits of the project include enhanced safety for drivers, walkers, and bikers. Safety improvements to intersections, the addition of frontage roads, and the construction of a pedestrian underpass which connects walkers and bikers to the Glacial Lakes trail are part of the overall project. Funding for the project is made possible through the Corridors of Commerce Program.